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  • Make Appointment Setting Way Easier with This Software's Custom Schedule, Calendar Sync, Time Zone Detection, Custom Branding, & Workflow Apps Integration

Probooking is an appointment scheduling software to help you schedule meetings in a quick and easy way. It offers flexible schedules along with 1:1 meeting & group bookings, Google calendar sync, and automatic time zone detection. Probooking provides custom branding too. From text to colors you control everything—your booking page speaks for you only. Your bookings are synced automatically to your Google Calendar so that you have your bookings at your fingertip. Moreover, you are not required to use any 3rd party app to connect, ProBooking handles everything.

  • Advanced Scheduling. Group booking, buffer time, cut-off time, online & offline payment options
  • Custom Branding. Your brand logo on your booking page
  • Customize Booking Form. Customize your booking form questions & set mandatory/optional fields
  • Automatic Zoom & Google Meet. Automatically meeting links on booking with a one-click “add to calendar” feature for your clients
  • Multiple Google Calendars – Syncs with your both personal & professional calendar
  • Email Confirmations – You and your invitee gets email confirmation so you never miss an appointment
  • Cancel/ Reschedule – You or your invitee can easily cancel or reschedule meet anytime without your assistance.

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